Thanks for taking out the time to check out a new debut writer and his work.

This website will help you decide whether you should invest your precious time and money on ‘Complete/ Convenient’.

But if you are really short on time, here are three brief reasons from my side on why you should read ‘Complete/Convenient’:

Reason 1:

“Complete/Convenient” is a sensitively-written realistic story that offers a sophisticated-yet-simple reading experience. Each character and every situation is inspired from an actual real life person and incident. I am convinced that such circumstances happen in every NRI family life. Filled with apt doses of humor, pace, succinctness and detailing, this emotional story is an absolute must for anyone who has some connection with life outside India.

Reason 2:

The fiction story marketplace is currently flooded with Chick-lit offerings (light breezy stories targeted to youth). However, there is shortage of Indian-author-novels for a section of audience who want something beyond flimsy, fantasy, chewing gum romances. Yet they do not want to read something too difficult or complex. If this resonates with you, pick up a copy of ‘Complete/Convenient’.

Reason 3:

There are very few stories that capture the wave of emotions that a man goes through in life. Most novels, movies etc beautifully capture the pain, happiness, sacrifice, ambition, conflict, longing and love a woman feels. Furthermore, if at all there is a story about men then it usually focuses only on the friendship part. Or what is nowadays termed as ‘bromance’. But, as a man myself, I can tell you that there is a lot more to a man than friendship, romance and pranks. We too go through tumultuous times that make us cry, cringe, doubt, regret, bend, feel helpless, feel lonely and most importantly TRANSFORM. ‘Complete/Convenient’ is a journey of a man.

Hope you enjoy the book!

Best wishes,

Ketan B