About Child/Currency

Five years old is not big, Papa.”
“Really… then what is big?”
“Eighteen years.”
“Eighteen… why eighteen?”
“Because then Mama can’t stop me from meeting you.”

Kanha’s words haunt Shreyas Kapoor. Shreyas hasn’t met his son in months because his estranged wife Prakriti treats Kanha like currency to be exchanged rather than as a child to be cared for.

Shreyas is alone, broke, and helpless. The law, society, and her family (maybe even his) all unjustly favor Prakriti. Destiny plummets Shreyas into a legal battle he’s bound to lose.

Enter faith—a higher power that follows no laws and has no bias.

Will Shreyas have to wait until Kanha is eighteen to meet him again? Or will God have mercy on His devotee and deliver a miracle?

Find out in Child/Currency now available on Kindle.