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A talk with Ketan Bhagat
By Frank Meera

Hello guys, here we present you the interview of a very promising débutante in the Indian literature, Mr. Ketan Bhagat. Despite being a brother of India’s most popular author, Ketan had to go through the struggle like every other one out here for getting his book published. Let’s see, what he has got to say about his passion, his novel and his life as an author so far.

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Kaleidoscopic Ketan
By Soumya R

I have fixed an appointment with Ketan Bhagat. He arrives on time and just as promised. A man who crafts stories through his words. The man keeps up his words. Intriguing in our Zaamana! Now, I figured I have found one of those rare cookies. Unlike other interviews where I know the person inside out, given the amount of tight schedule, I go totally unprepared. I am luckily blessed. In the media world, sometimes when you go unprepared, you prepare yourself for a surprise. Good bad ugly come in later.




Ketan Bhagat Interview – Child/God Book
We interviewed Ketan Bhagat, it was an honour to interact with him. We got to know a lot of insights from the down to earth best selling author. He is currently working as a sales manager with Oracle India. He did his hotel management and worked for The Oberoi hotel chain for an year. Post that he did his MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute for Management Studies in Mumbai……

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Open Letter to all Ketan Bhagat Haters or People who are judging him UNESSCARILY
By Udita Pal

Somewhere inside my head I knew this was going to happen. Ketan Bhagat Who recently debuted with his book Compete / Convenient (Shristi Publications) is facing lot of troubles because people think that he is using his brother’s name to gain publicity. We have this problem you know? We can’t bear someone’s success so we start making useless and unnecessary proclamations to ruin someone’s image. Some people think both Ketan and his brother are black spot to writing industry. Just a FYI Notice Chetan Bhagat is reason Indian Literature Industry can think of selling million copies , Because of him so many people tried their hands in writing, became efficacious and if you find him black spot or whatever Why are you reading his book ? Don’t read. No one cares actually.


THE HINDU – JUNE 7, 2015


Fatherhood and more..
“My stories begin where Chetan’s stories end,” says Ketan Bhagat, MNC executive, author and the brother of India’s most prolific author, Chetan Bhagat.

His second novel, Child-God is a tale of a 35 year old man learning the meaning of life from his new born son. He says, “Many stories exist about how motherhood changes a woman. I wanted to explore this from a man’s perspective and that provided the material for this book. I think that this is a book any father would be able to identify with at some level.”