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‘I’m not a writer

“I’m not Ranbir Kapoor. You don’t have to stand up for me!” he says, as his audience at Just Books, Kochi, rose to welcome him.

“I’m not a writer,” he says, though fresh copies of his debut novel Complete/Convenient sit in stacks beside him.

“I’m not Chetan Bhagat, though I am his brother.” he laughs. He rattles off a familiar litany in proof of the last statement.

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KETAN BHAGAT | Author Interview

Meet the most talked about author in recent times. The brother of one of the most popular Indian authors – Chetan Bhagat and the critically acclaimed debut author of the novel “Complete/Convenient”, Ketan has all it takes to be a successful author. So, what makes him different from his brother and how is he dealing with the “Chetan tag”. Get to know more about Ketan and his world in this candid interview.

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A Love For All Seasons

Last week I attended a literary event at my local library and the chief guest was the debutant author Ketan Bhagat. For the audience he was the brother of India’s most influential writer Chetan Bhagat – but only till the interaction began. Two minutes after he began speaking, it was obvious that Ketan Bhagat was completely his own man and author. He was smart and funny and practically reeking of quiet self-assurance.

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Author Interview: Ketan Bhagat

He entered the Indian literary scene amidst a lot of mixed reactions from readers (even mine). Sibling of the most read author of the country, he had a lot to prove. He was trashed before he was heard (read). But Ketan Bhagat very smoothly, walked in and conquered his readers’ minds. Simplistic, non-pretentious, identifiable, smooth language, good story-telling skills – these are just a few adjectives that came up in my mind when I read his debut novel Complete/Convenient. What I loved about him, is that he doesn’t use the American spelling of words. For the editor in me, this author is a delight!




Let’s Talk: with Ketan Bhagat about his second novel Child/God
It is a pleasure to have Ketan Bhagat amidst us. A couple of years ago, he debuted as an author with the best-selling novel, “Complete/Convenient”. He is one of the very few others who in no time came and conquered the hearts of the readers. He is here conversing with us about his second novel “Child/God”….



Now, It Is Ketan Bhagat after Chetan!

Ketan Bhagat, younger sibling of Chetan Bhagat, India’s best-selling writer makes a debut in writing with his book, “Complete/Convenient”. The book focuses on the lesser-known aspects of NRI life and takes inspiration from real life characters and incidents.