GAT LITERARY PRIZE: India’s bestselling yet easygoing author Ketan Bhagat welcomes entries on anything


GAT Lit Prize: Hi Ketan, you are among the panel of 5 judges selected for the international GAT Literary Prize short story contest, 2016. What is your opinion about the initiative undertaken by Global Asian Times to recognize writers and provide them worldwide exposure through this international contest?

Ketan Bhagat: Thumbs up for it! As a writer who has knocked on doors of various publishers, waited endlessly for literary agents to respond to emails with sample chapters, burnt hard-earned money at bookstores just to get better placement on bookshevles, stalked PR companies and journalists for media coverage and literally begged literary festival organizers for participation… I can’t express the priceless contribution this initiative can make to the lives of writers. I am already envying whosoever will win the contest. READ FULL STORY


Ketan Bhagat dissects a man’s life when romance ends and reality strikes: Global Asian Times


Vinita Kinra: Welcome to Global Asian Times, Ketan. You seem to be ready and prepared to rule the slash title books — first with Complete/Convenient and now Child/God. What explains your affinity towards “Versus” titles?

Ketan Bhagat: It started as an accident but has now become my style. I wanted to title my first book ‘Complete or Convenient’ but my publisher believed in numerology and somehow that title wasn’t fitting well in his charts. I wanted to retain the title as it represented the philosophy of the story. Somehow the slash fitted into the numerology chart without taking away my preferred title. READ FULL STORY


“My first book was criticized for being thick” – Ketan Bhagat


The surname is familiar and the name as well is quite rhyming. Being the author of Complete/Convenient and Child/God, he is also a motivational speaker. He talks like a common man. His words describe the struggles of an individual trying to keep up the pace with people’s expectation. Now when both the sexes are considered equal and are in the same boat, stories on woman get more focus than man and so he tends to write on ‘man’ and from a man’s point of view.


Metro India – February, 2014


Chetan Bhagat taught India to read. Now his younger sibling Ketan Bhagat has joined the coveted author bandwagon by penning his debut novel Complete/Convenient. I know it’s really not fair of me to mention Chetan Bhagat in his introduction. However, we all know that our heads may not turn by the mention of a debut author. Well, Ketan is here to live up to his brother’s reputation and he has surely done a good job at it. Complete/Convenient is a great book with a good plot, good characters and equally good narratives.


Udaipur Times – April 17, 2013


First Read: “Complete/Convenient” Ketan Bhagat’s Debut
by Tushar Gargava

If we talk about the newest generation of our country, we’d find that a majority of enthusiastic youth dream to settle down somewhere in abroad, even if for pursuing higher studies. Something about this idea never fails to excite the ambitious. But is this opinion well founded? Is it really a dream life out there? This is the idea that Ketan Bhagat’s novel Complete/Convenient deals with and takes you through the interesting journey of Kabir, the protagonist in the story.