Udaipur Times – April 17, 2013


First Read: “Complete/Convenient” Ketan Bhagat’s Debut
by Tushar Gargava

If we talk about the newest generation of our country, we’d find that a majority of enthusiastic youth dream to settle down somewhere in abroad, even if for pursuing higher studies. Something about this idea never fails to excite the ambitious. But is this opinion well founded? Is it really a dream life out there? This is the idea that Ketan Bhagat’s novel Complete/Convenient deals with and takes you through the interesting journey of Kabir, the protagonist in the story.




Techie Bhagat is Debut Author
By Suneetha

Meet Ketan Bhagat, debut author, and ex-anchor with Doordarshan. You might know his brother Chetan. Yes, Chetan Bhagat.
Yet, this Mumbai Oracle techie’s novel on real NRI life, which he says is not at all like a Karan Johar film, was not published easily.
The pedigree did nothing to help as one would assume. Ketan Bhagat pulls out all stops in this frank chitchat with Techgoss.




Interview: Ketan Bhagat Speaks about his Debut Novel
By Gaurav Bhandari

By Gaurav Bhandari
If delectable stories steal your curiosity then meet the new entrant in the field of writing, Ketan Bhagat.
The name rings a bell, doesn’t it? Yes, you guessed it right. Ketan is the younger brother of one of the most celebrated authors in India, Chetan Bhagat. Ketan is all prepared to debut with his book, ‘Complete/Convenient’, which is about to be released anytime in May.
Ketan, introduces himself as a typical 35 year old middle class common man living in Mumbai. His professional career took him to Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia and finally he moved back to India.


POSTNOON – APR 14, 2013


Dollar dreams of an NRI
By Nidhi Bhushan

Competition among siblings is quite the norm—we practically grow up competing with our elder and, in-their-imagination, wiser brothers and sisters. However, competition at school level or even college might not be as tricky as one on a professional level.

Ketan Bhagat, who’s the younger brother of celebrated author Chetan Bhagat, is all set to launch his first novel next month. Titled Complete/ Convenient, the book focuses on the life of an NRI. Whether the book will change the relationship the two brothers currently share, only time can tell. For now, we give you the excerpts from a tete-a-tete with Chhota Ketan, who has his fingers tightly crossed.


DNA – APR 18, 2013


My stories begin where Chetan’s end
By Melissa D’Costa

How different is your style of writing from that of your brother?

Our styles are very different, while Chetan writes in the first person I write in the third. My stories begin where Chetan’s end. He has a knack of connecting with the youth with his books and writes about the struggles that the youth are facing, career choices they have to make and relationship issues that they have to deal with — things that shape your destiny. So, it’s not just the style but the topics that we write about too. I am not as talented as Chetan so I can’t write from a youth’s perspective. I have focused on different phases in my life, something every reader will identify wit