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केतन भगत के नाम एक शाम
By Additya Bansal

कुछ दिनों पहले मैंने केतन भगत जी को एक ईमेल भेजा था और एक इंटरव्यू के लिए अनुमति माँगा था। उन्होंने ईमेल के उत्तर में अपना मोबाइल नंबर दिया। मेरी बातचीत या यूँ कहें की इंटरव्यू फ़ोन पर हुई।




No child’s play
“I can take criticism, I am married,” Ketan Bhagat opens up the conversation in his trademark witty style at the launch of his second novel Child/God in Chandigarh on Monday. Post his first fiction work Complete/Convenience becoming a bestseller, Ketan took a chance again and brought out what he began with — telling a man’s side of the story…..

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“Complete/Convenient, story told from a man’s point of view” says Ketan Bhagat
By Khushwant Singh

Tell us something about yourself especially about your school and college life.
I was born and brought up in Delhi. My father was in army and so mostly out of station. My mother was an agricultural scientist and would only be home by five. That gave us brothers plenty of time and opportunities to play pranks, fight, break things, call up friends etc. All this and myself being the youngest in the family meant I was really spoilt and pampered. Even today I smile at memories of Nirulas ice creams, our green ambassador car which gave more jerks than kilometers in its lifetime, my dog, flying kites on terraces, school holidays due to mandal commission, chola bhaturas at mangal bazaar etc. From bullying conductors in redline buses to sneaking out my dad’s maruti 800 after he slept to visit my girlfriend, I have done everything that characterizes Delhi.




Comparing a child to God, popular author Ketan Bhagat says, “God comes in every house in the form of a child”. He was in the city to release his latest fiction novel Child/God.

Published by Rumour Books India, the novel Child/God was released on Monday by Dr Ashok Chitkara, Chancellor of Chitkara University, at Chitkara International School. In Child/God, Ketan Bhagat explores the transformation a man experiences when he becomes a father……


Subho Unplugged


Ketan: Author should concentrate on writing and not marketing.
By Subhasis

I was a bit nervous when I left for this interview, it was just my second interview and the man was Ketan Bhagat. Though, he is a debutant author and I being the senior if writing is concerned but that name, it kinda have the value of Bachchans in the literature world. His Brother Mr. Chetan Bhagat brought a revolution with his debut novel which inspired thousands of other enthusiast to pen their own stories and now when we have actually, been bored reading those stereotypes college romance, Mr. Ketan Bhagat promises to bring a renaissance with a different story all together. Let’s know more about him and his debut novel Complete/Convenient.

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A talk with Ketan Bhagat
By Frank Meera

Hello guys, here we present you the interview of a very promising débutante in the Indian literature, Mr. Ketan Bhagat. Despite being a brother of India’s most popular author, Ketan had to go through the struggle like every other one out here for getting his book published. Let’s see, what he has got to say about his passion, his novel and his life as an author so far.