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Book Review: Complete/Convenient by MANJULIKAPRAMOD My Say: This potboiler, strewn with spices from India and abroad, turned out to be a treat for me as a reader. I enjoyed every nook and cranny of the Indian (Punjabi) boy, Kabir’s story. The turn of events were gripping and amusing giving me good laughs at the mention of many instances and anecdotes. Basically Ketan Bhagat has touched upon the Indian sentiments eloquently. I must say don’t miss it this season.

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Book review: Complete/Convenient by Ketan Bhagat Ketan Bhagat is younger brother of famous Indian writer Chetan Bhagat and Complete/Convenient is his debut novel. The novel revolves around dilemma of an NRI who is struggling to choose between his career and his country (read relatives).

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Review: Complete/Convenient by ANUJ SHARMA People blessed (ha!) with siblings would agree that there are positives and negatives when it comes to following what your sibling has already mastered. You share the same parents, and, therefore, the same genes, and that means anything one sibling accomplishes, you should theoretically be able to accomplish a bit of that as well. You like it or not, when you enter the same domain, comparison is bound to happen. Michael and Ralf Schumacher? Mukesh and Anil Ambani? Michael and Fredo Corleone? Adolf and Rudolf Dassler?

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Complete/Convenient | Ketan Bhagat | Book Review by Sankalpita Chetan Bhagat taught India to read. Now his younger sibling Ketan Bhagat has joined the coveted “author” bandwagon by penning his debut “Complete/Convenient”. I know it’s really not fair of me to introduce the debut author by relating to his brother, but then we all know our heads may not turn by the mention of a debut author, but that they are bound to, at the mention of the Chetan tag. Well, Ketan is here to live up of his brother’s reputation and he has surely done a good job at

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Review- Complete/ Convenient by Ketan Bhagat by Janhvi Jagtap and Sarika Patkotwar How is life outside India? Like they show in ‘Karan Johar’ type of Bollywood movies! How is life in India? Like they show in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ type of Hollywood movies! Have you ever wondered why NRIs long for India? Sitting on their pile of dollars, freedom, cleanliness and convenience, they often talk about the land full of scams, jams, crowds and corruption.

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Book Review: Complete/Convenient by Binu Thomas First things first. Ketan Bhagat is actually Chetan Bhagat’s brother! Secondly, their writing is as same Chalk and Cheese. So this is not a “same type of book” from people with the same surname. I am not so sure I understood why the book is titled “Complete / Convenient”. it could be a rhetoric question asking the readers if they prefer a complete life (in home country with extended family, true friends and a stable job) or a convenient life (including living in different parts of the world and experiencing different / difficult situations).