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Book Review – Complete / Convenient by Ketan Bhagat by Fakhruddin Bandukwala Not yet finished the book, but then it is like a delectable gourmet dish you want to keep coming back to! First and foremost, you recognize straight away this book is straight from the heart. One can relate to every anecdote narrated here as an actual commonplace reality. One realizes this can and does happen while living in faraway lands some or the other time. Especially being in the same industry as Ketan describes in his book and having spent half a decade globe trotting and never knowing

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My views on Complete/Convenient by Ketan Bhagat by Neha Agarwal I was trying to write this post for long. It got way too delayed due to my schedule and ongoing personal agendas. I am realizing how some silly personal issues make you totally unproductive and inefficient. Anyways I am not stretching this write-up about my personal issues. You can read it here.

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BOOK REVIEW – COMPLETE/ CONVENIENT – KETAN BHAGAT by Yatin Gupta Well, when I first got to know that Chetan Bhagat’s has a brother named Ketan and he is also coming out with his book, I was like #Facepalm. I had no clue what the book is going to be all about and I was certain that it will be a full on masaledaar stuff like what Chetan writes and I was least interested in reading his book. The other day, I was at Srishti Publication’s office and that’s when I got to know that they have published Ketan’s book

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BOOK REVIEW: COMPLETE/ CONVENIENT: KETAN BHAGAT : A RIVETING STORY by Aditya Bhasin “Life is more convenient there, life is more complete here”. From this line is the title of this book been derived . Just one line, yet with full power it describes the complete book itself. Bhagat’s debut novel is based on lives of Everyman settled in other countries living behind not only a country that needs them, but, also a family, some friends, emotions, liberty, satisfaction and that sense of “I was complete there”.

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Complete/Convenient by Ketan Bhagat (Book Review)!!! by AbhiLaSH RuHeLa I have finally completed reading Ketan Bhagat’s debut novel- Complete/Convenient. I have been one of the promotional partner of this book since it was in its editing stage and after reading this 373-pages book, I am satisfied that I chose a good product to promote/market. As said several times by Ketan Bhagat in his interviews, this book is exclusively about every NRI or everyone living in India and continuously thinking of shifting abroad because of unwanted chaos here. The clarity of thoughts regarding NRI life is what I appreciate the most


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Hello Ketan, This was my first read of you and I absolutely loved it!!! It seems like my husband was the lead character. He has undergone almost all, and some more, phases that you have written about…. It was a page turner for me…actually helping me understand his past and current emotional state….. Infact, I had an overwhelming urge to send him a msg (he is Out of Town) expressing my love for him and I did just that….Boy! was he surprised….and could only revert with a “why?”.. I am your fan now and will be reading all that you