Belinda Coyle


There was so many parts in your fictional novel that I could completely relate too. You have hit the nail on the head on so many things about moving overseas and the sacrifices that we all face without even realising what we are about to give up in our homeland. I guess we look at life through rose coloured glasses at times. After 27 yrs away from home, I can certainly give testament to these challenges, the positives and the negatives. I look forward to the next on


Reviewed By : Vajrasar Goswami


It was last week when I received the book and was supposed to give it to our in-house book reviewer. She is a voracious reader and good with words, hence she always did the reviews. It skipped my mind to hand over the book and one night, out of boredom I started reading Child/God, promising myself that this would only be a one chapter read. One led to another and that led to more chapters thereafter. Soon I was 100 pages in when I tweeted Ketan Bhagat that am loving his work and also told the reviewer that I’d be


Reviewed By : Kamal Paneru


Platform The story is about the Raghav Malhotra who has enjoyed ruined childhood & life up to the marriage. Completely careless, not sincere and moron Raghav is the husband of most beautiful wife Leela and brother of high professional Rishi Malhotra who is the author of blockbuster novels and scripts. Things change when he completes a novel and asks his brother to help in it. The big brother neglects his demands with buttering. The situations become worst with the rejection of book by publisher, demoralization by family and fight with the working wife. Its all about how he conquers the


Reviewed By: Rahul Marar


Child/God by Ketan Bhagat is a journey of Raghav Malhotra right from his childhood towards his fatherhood where he realizes the meaning of life from his just born child Ish. Raghav tries to learn from him rather than teach him. This books speaks volume about the topic which is spoken very rarely- The Fatherhood. There are few, infact very few books which ‘PULLS’ you into reading them and without any doubt, Ketan Bhagat’s Child/God is one such book. When I started with the book, I had a feeling of reading a familiar type of writing, also the footnotes though very